June 30, 2021 | Alice Siegel
The market we’re in today is far from normal. As a result, an expert isn’t just good to have by your side – an expert is essential.

June 29, 2021 | Alice Siegel
During the Great Recession, the financial systems the world depended on started to collapse. The financial crisis that accompanied the current pandemic caused hardship to certain industries and hurt many small businesses.

June 27, 2021 | Alice Siegel
Understanding how housing affordability works and the main market factors that impact it may help those who are ready to buy a home narrow down the optimal window of time in which to make a purchase.

June 25, 2021 | Alice Siegel
Our homes have become our workplaces, schools for our children, and safe harbors in which we’ve weathered the toughest moments of a global pandemic. Today, 65.6% of Americans call their homes their own, a rate that has risen to highest in 8 years.

June 23, 2021 | Alice Siegel
Home price appreciation continues to accelerate. Today, prices are driven by the simple concept of supply and demand. Pricing of any item is determined by how many items are available compared to how many people want to buy that item.


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