We have an client-driven approach—we don’t want to be a company where one or two people dictate how things are done. We listen to your needs and make sure you are partnered with an agent who will best meet your expectations and help guide your decision making throughout the entire buying or selling process. With our team, you will Buy with Confidence and Sell with Success!

Jay Herring Managing Broker (843) 989-0065

Chris Kavanagh Real Estate Broker/Instructor (843) 284-9279

Gary Falconer Realtor (843) 508-9332

Alice Siegel Staff (843) 507-4737

Tom McLane Realtor (843) 360-9490

Radha Herring Broker-In-Charge (843) 424-8811

Sylvia Simpson Realtor (803) 804-1008

Eileen Garcia Realtor (843) 905-2758

Eric DeCamp Realtor (843) 834-6656

Realtor Watermark Agent (843) 636-8549